Monday, April 13, 2009

finally, actually finished!

I finally completed my piece! It took me a really long time, but I finally came up with a decent 'b' section that I really liked. I happened upon the idea for it after bringing it to class and having a discussion about being stuck. I felt like I had come up with this main theme of klezmer but I didn't know how to elaborate on it. Jon Rowsell made the suggestion of picking something that I really liked in earlier sections of the piece and elaborating on that. I decided to go with an ascending passage that happens just after the main theme is stated. There are descending thirds in the piano and the violin has a descending pizz. scale. As soon as I starting to elaborate on this idea everything else came fairly easily. I eventually brought the b section back to the main theme by increasing the tempo and adding claps (which is what I originally had planned when I first though of the Klezmer idea). I'm pretty proud of the piece at this point!

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